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Jeffery Beckley, known professionally as CJ West is a Sierra Leonean rapper currently living in the UK.

CJ started his music journey at the tender age of 8, when he wrote his first song called “Father is Rich”.

As the years elapsed, he continued to harness his phenomenal talent and developed into the artist he is today. He is known for his incredible versatility, good delivery and word play, and has been recognized as one of Sierra Leone finest artists.

CJ West’s vision is to entertain, educate and inspire the younger generation through his music.

For that reason, the incredible wordsmith rapper connects with a wide range topics that will bring out reasoning for contrasting dialogue and their responses.

Themes of hope, faith in God and redemption are often heard through his lyrics, as the sensational rapper's philosophy of music expresses his reality in a dynamic way that has never been heard in Sierra Leonean rap.

Even though story telling is not a new thing in the hip hop culture, CJ has embarked on being a pioneer of a new genre called cinematic hip hop, which is basically a genre that channels educative themes through short captivating stories that aim to ignite the listener’s imagination.

In early 2021, CJ West was featured on a track alongside a well known Sierra Leonean rapper -Kao Denero - titled "Power of the Tongue ".

CJ’s delivery and powerful bars serve to prove to many of his fans and music lovers that he is worthy to be the next rated MC in Sierra Leone and globally.

He became a spotlight to many Blackleo fans when Kao Denero called to sign the gifted rapper to his record label. However this offer was graciously declined, as CJ West opted to deliver only his truest form of his passion in enlightening the 'people' through his talent.

In May 2021 he released a track which featured Markmudy, titled “Y”. CJ shows his artistry and versatility on the song that keeps his fans engaged and music lovers talking - endorsing him to be the most intelligent rapper, with his unique way of transitioning.

In September, later that year, he released a song, title “SWITCH” where he featured the former winner of Housemates Salone, Season One - Kenchine Palmer along with Music Producer, Jessie Josie.

CJ’s intro on this track highlighted him as being lyrically invincible, which drew much attention to his sound. His fans quickly started rating him to be the prince of hip hop in Sierra Leone's entertainment industry.

The following month, he released a track, titled “SPOKEN WORD FREESTYLE”.

On this track, CJ shows off his smooth lyrical flows, rhythm and excellent delivery which leaves his fans, music lovers and neutrals expressing admiration of his talent. Shadow boxxer and several other influencers have also expressed their respect and admiration for his talent and wordplay.

CJ’s unique way of doing his things will give him more chances of winning awards in the entertainment industry according to his fans and music lovers.

However, the wordsmith rapper craft isn’t just limited to Sierra Leone. The scope of his lyrics stretch on an international scale, and will be particularly favoured by British and American listeners.

Check out his channel "CJ West Official" on YouTube to see how gifted and talented he is, and be sure to like and subscribe.

One thing that is certain about the young wordsmith rapper; he is going places and is someone to look out for.

Follow him on instagram at CJ_West101.

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