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Strike a Pose The Rise of Sierra Leone's Top Model


One thing I love seeing is youth empowering themselves. I've always admired young adventurous progressive minds. On a cosy Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to link with one of Sierra Leone's sensational models, Alhaji Hamid Jalloh. Born on the 5th of Dec 2000, The 21 year-old model grew up in freetown and attended the prince of wales secondary school, and is the youngest of five children.

At a young age jalloh enjoyed the modelling world and was inspired to be one of them. But unfortunately Jalloh lost his mom, whom he was very close with, with that he needed something to help him get through his mother's death; that was when he went for his first audition but got rejected, but Jalloh didn't see it as the end and auditioned again, and this time he got in and that was the birth of one of Sierra Leone's a-list model.

Since the birth of his career, Hamid Jalloh has worked with Sierra Leones finest fashion designers and photographers and has also gained attention from many out of Sierra Leone, which is putting the green, white and blue on the map. Jalloh has also won awards like the Mr Teen Ecotourism in 2018; Mr Valentine in 2020 and the Best Model of the World 2021, I must say. Hamid Jalloh has really come a long way and is still going. I must say I'm really excited to see what more he has in store for us.

Watch out for his exclusive interview coming up in April.

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