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Meet our Co-Owners and Our Team

Our team is made up of talented professionals who come from diverse backgrounds.

This gives Haven Inc. an unbeatable advantage: Multidisciplinary Expertise.

We are a friendly and creative bunch, who look forward to helping your charity, brand, business or investment advance and adapt to today’s needs.

Find out who the brains are behind this amazing Creative Management Agency, and take a look at those who have successfully become a permanent member of our team.


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Osiemmatu has a warm and positive energy, pouring enthusiasm, and love for anything she's passionate about. As a visionary, her sheer determination for completing projects is evident through her proven track record of success. Having worked in Real Estate - as a property owner and developer, Banking & Finance, and Senior Retail Management, her cross-industry knowledge and expertise has made her an invaluable leader for our team.

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With an approach that goes above and beyond the call of duty, Dr. Yambasu is a proactive strategist and in it for the long-haul. As the name title implies, Emmanuel is a trained and certified Medical Doctor. Skilled in Public Relations and Event Management, Dr. Yambasu has also worked with and interviewed several well known Artists including Danny Avila, Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber - How's that for diversity? His drive for quality and meaningful service is what makes him passionate about doing the best he possibly can.


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An award-winning Brand Ambassador for companies like Rokel Commercial Bank and a media mogul, Ms Wright understands what it takes to navigate through the digital terrain. Having also attained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, the former TV Presenter knows how to get her money's worth - A vital asset to the company.

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Public Relations Lead | Media Strategist

Calm and calculated, Hindolo is known as one to make sure that all possible scenario's are considered before embarking on a task. 
Having completed several internships at Government Ministries, Hindolo also has plenty to offer in both international and African focused public relations.
Well, he's got a lot under his belt - with a degree in Mass Communication, and a masters in Media & Journalism, 
his role enables him to proactively strategise any concept whilst seeing it through to the very end.
Still curious?
If you get to meet him, why not take a chance and ask him for everything there is to know about the infamous "two-thirty".



Graphics Designer

Always known for providing outstanding quality, Mwiza's work spoke for itself from the moment he joined our team.
Mwiza's proven that distance knows no boundaries, as he has been making an impressive impact using creative ideas and solutions.
An expert in rendering multi-faceted campaigns, our super cheerful Zambian is always ready to take on a project that will catch the media's attention.
Did also we mention that he's a Medical Intern? No? Well now you know.
Aren't they just amazing?


Lead Marketer | Business Strategist

When it comes to developing, executing and
monitoring market strategies, Rashidatu ensures that both hers and her clients' goals are acomplished. Her infectious charisma provides her with the passion to understand her duties and the ability to
graciously adapt to change.
Flexible, practical and analytical - What more do you need in a Strategist? 
In her spare time, you'll probably find her doing anything that prevents cognitive decline, and that includes sleep.
After all, an exhausted brain is of absolutely no use to anyone's performance.


🇸🇱 🇸🇦

Media Personnel | Company Secretary

Our very own Saudi Queen - yes, literally - is a beautiful, lively and colourful soul, making her a perfect fit for the cameras. 
Since joining our team, Aisha has unleashed several hidden talents and thoroughly enjoys exploring new territories...
Without caution - so please beware.
Her organised ideas and solutions prove that doubling up as the Company's Secretary provides the efficiency and competitive edge that is needed in today's industries.
To stay in her good books, Aisha's rule is relatively simple - "Do not cross the line"


Media Editor | Videographer

Ibrahim's passion for creating engaging stories is what sets his future apart from many others who work in filming.
Skilled in developing compelling footages, Ibrahim is sure to captivate audiences and not be easily forgotten.
Always ready and willing to learn, Ibrahim quickly adapts to new skill sets that enhance his capabilities.
Through building his confidence, Ibrahim understands the importance and power behind voicing his opinions in directing a change.
His love for filming is evident throughout his work, and he always takes his time to ensure that he delivers the best possible outcome.
Ibrahim expresses a caring nature within the team and pours the same energy into his productions.


🇸🇱 🇳🇬

Photographer | Media Assistant

Covenant has an eye for detail and enjoys experimenting with unorthodox methods to capture and highlight every story told behind each photo. 
He believes in the ability to produce each client's unique request by working to fulfil their expectations.
As he always says, there is no such thing as "good" or "bad" work, but only work deemed admirable by the recipient. 
With a technique that implies that the sky is the limit, Covenant has shown to be a proactive and experienced photographer who is dedicated to providing exceptional quality.


Human Resources | Realtor | Administrator

In order to succeed, Tee - as they like to call him - understands that structure and discipline are two crucial elements in being principled. As a former Assistant Head Boy and School Prefect, his past indicates that being level headed has always come naturally. 
Since being with the Haven Team, Thomas has learned to take on the concept of versatility, whilst ensuring that his results are always delivered as expected.
So if you're looking for someone to keep things running smoothly, or even a Property Realtor (wink, wink) - then Tee is your guy.

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