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NIGHTLIFE IN SIERRA LEONE – For the Young and Vibrant

Discover that moment when the night comes alive in Sierra Leone.

If there’s one thing Sierra Leoneans know how to do well, it’s how to have a good time. It’s the one thing that brings people together and allows them to erase all their woes and worries.

Literally, it gets flushed down the drain once the music is on.

For those who love to spoil themselves at a breezy beach party, the Lumley - Aberdeen beach strip is the perfect place to be.

This fascinating destination located in Freetown (of course) is the escape for the party lovers who want to groove over the trendiest music on the sand.

Among all the major attractions to visit in the country, this is one of the favourites for tourists as it’s a place well known for its cool atmosphere and multiple side attractions.

As someone who loves a good night out, I can proudly say that I’ve lived through some of the most wild, unimaginable, and unforgettable nights on the beach strip.

From overcrowded cars being pulled over by the police at 4am (if you’re a responsible adult, that might actually make you cringe - sorry), to Okadas speeding by with those who couldn’t hitch a ride with their friends.

Even if you didn’t have your night all planned out, you’d be certain that a spontaneous drive along the beach would have you or your pals hopping from club to club searching for the right vibe.

In all honesty, I'll confess that my friends and I have actually lost our cars on the beach – after a good night, we just couldn’t remember where we parked.

But if you’re someone who just enjoys intimate dinner dates or some alone time, this beach strip offers that too.

There are so many venues to choose from, and beautiful hidden gems that will probably have you feeling like you’re in a cool scene from a Jason Statham movie.

Have a look below and read about a few of the most populated nightlife venues in Freetown.


1. Sunny Side Beach Bar:

Located at Lumley Beach, Sunny Side Beach Bar is known for its interesting crowd pull. Sunny claims that it shuts down ‘when the last person leaves, and honestly, this is one motto that they truly live by. Mainly filled with locals, the weekends are the most populous times where

people party till dawn. Driving through this spot could take you anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes as the crowds tend to create a traffic jam. If a busy bar with cheap food and ample drinks sound like it’s what you need, then Sunny Side is waiting on you.

2. Warehouse-Evoke Beach Bar:

Located at Aberdeen Beach, the Warehouse-Evoke Lounge & Beach Bar (can we call this a club too?) can be found on the other end of the strip. It is well known for its mellow ambiance yet lively atmosphere. With both an indoor and outdoor segment, Warehouse offers a great music selection with great cocktails. During fanatic sport seasons, the lounge and beach bar also hosts wide screen viewing for popular football matches – Get you beers ready! It’s extremely loved by moneyed locals and expats, but more specifically the diasporas. You can never be bored at the Warehouse.

3. Decode Lounge:

Is a newly renovated open bar offering quality sounds, good food, amazing cocktails and is classified as an all-round elegant night club. Just like Warehouse, Decode is popular with middle-income earners and the diasporas. Due to its layout, the venue is often a good choice for enclosed events, including table service and wedding cocktails.

With both an indoor and outdoor section, this versatile location pretty much serves its purpose well. The perfect all-rounder.

4. Scarlet Lounge:

Scarlet. I think the name pretty much speaks for itself.

This lounge (and club) is heavily steered towards the young and affluent socialites. If you’re out here, you’re either spending big money, or you’re spending big money – there’s no two ways about it.

Located within the Mamba Point-Lagoonda Complex at Aberdeen, this venue boasts beautiful scenery, overlooking the reflection-lit waves and a night view of the city up on the hills.

If you want to be able to relax at some point throughout the night, you’ll have to make sure that you book yourself -and your friends- a table before the night.

5. Synergy Bar & Grill:

Can be found at the top floor of paradise city and is known for its various promotions with awesome themes such as karaoke night, ladies’ night, and live music sessions with table reservations. It’s popular with down to earth locals, and decent earners. You’ll find all your high-school and university buddies right here.

Copyrights to these photos belong to Synergy Bar & Grill

With so much in the nightlife scene that Freetown has to offer, it’s hard to say that’d you ever run out of places to go dance and laugh the night away.

But of course, not everyone shares the same idea of fun. If everything you’ve read sounds like it’ll take a toll on your social battery, then you’re probably looking for something more sophisticated.

Do not worry as we’ll have you covered too.

Check back next time to read more about some of those catering to the more mature minds for that perfect evening out.

Where will you be headed this weekend?

Let us know your favourites in the comment section below.

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