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Music brings people together despite age differences, background, and gender. When we hear the beat of the drum, we all move to the beat. Sierra Leoneans take music very seriously, especially when we want to have a good time. With the upcoming artists bringing new waves to the music industry, I must say we've come a long way. There is one particular character whose sound has drawn my attention. I’ve been intrigued by Victor Cole, professionally known as Mdot. On a beautiful Tuesday morning, I had the opportunity to have a sit-down chat with him to learn about his music journey. Victor was born in the US on May 23, 2002. He later relocated to Sierra Leone with his parents, where he grew up. He attended the international school at primary level, went to the SLG during his junior high, and later finished his senior high level at the Lebanese international.

His music career started in 2019 with the support of his family and friends. He took it up as a new challenge and released his very first single, "My Favourite Range Rover," in 2020, which got over 4 thousand plays on audiomack. It was a huge success for him. He wrote the song with his very good friend Skeppy. The song was inspired by his love for women.

With his huge success from his first hit, he later blessed us with his EP titled "Happy Days," where he featured other upcoming artists creating waves in the music industry. I was curious to know why he chose that title, and he said it reminded him of the happy days he spent creating memories while writing. His music genre is a mix of UK drill, AfroBeats, and dancehall, which has now become a popular genre throughout Africa. In MDOT's music, he mostly talks about women, love, and very good vibes, which caught the attention of the new generation, giving his listeners a bit of everything. With his huge fan base, Mdot was granted the opportunity to perform at Madeng. It was a tour de force that I got to witness being made, and having to see him perform alongside other big artists really gave him the push that he needed. The beat of his music really brought everyone close; the vibes were immense and his stage presence was electrifying, which left neutrals, music lovers, and fans showering him with praise.

As his biggest fan, I really admire Mdot. Even with the fame, Mdot still has his head in the game and knows what his real goals are, which is to be a medical doctor. It really melts my heart when I see a young Sierra Leonean breaking the barrier and soaring high. I’m excited to hear what other songs he has coming up. Keep going. We’re all rooting for you. Dr. Cole.

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